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In February ’22 wasJelmer Konjo(1993) guest in the Pirri store To host an exhibition there. Jelmer Konjo is an artist from Rotterdam who makes illustrations, sculptures and installations. Originally he started skateboarding and graffiti, so he actually grew into the artist world. From there he went on to the Graphic Lyceum, to go more into the floor. Jelmer's graffiti time Konjo Can be seen in the art he now makes. His work looks very colorful, playful and personal. On the basis of humor, he wants people to think deeper about what the spectators see and experience, instead of only looking at the technology behind work. What he finds very important is the relationship between artist and viewer. Jelmer Konjo Encourages that people are sitting in their work. In this way he tries to bring out a child's unimportantness to the viewer.

Pirri and Jelmer have for the exhibition Konjo together one hoodie created. The style of Jelmer is clearly the playful way of illustrating Konjo can be seen in the design.

ClickhereTo view the promotion video of Pirri x Jelmer Konjo. 

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