Nike Dunk Low

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Nike Dunk Low

With a simple design, a balanced color distribution, extreme versatility in its shape and style, the Nike Dunk Low is one of the most collectible sneakers on the market today. From basketball shoes to skateboarding shoes, the Dunk Low has had a full revival in 2020 and 2021, well beyond its original purpose as a basketball sneaker.

The history of the Dunk Low has ups and downs, but this is what makes its story incredibly beautiful. One of these ups is splitting the Nike Dunk and Nike SB Dunk lines, two different sneakers for two different lifestyles. For casual wearers, the minor tweaks to the SB's design meant little. For the skateboarders it meant everything.

Skateboarders and basketball players are no longer the only wearers of these sneakers. In fact, you can see the Dunk Low everywhere on the street and it is worn by everyone: from fashion icons to students - this shoe suits all. The Dunk High is also still popular.

Buy Nike Dunk Low at Pirri

Because it runs so well and is easy to combine, the Dunk Low remains extremely popular. The Panda Dunk Low in particular is so popular at the moment that it cannot be found at Nike itself. No matter how many times they re-release it, it keeps selling out. Fortunately, at Pirri you have come to the right place for this black and white pair and we still have many different sizes of the Panda Dunk Low, for men and women, that you can buy online and in the store.

You can also buy exclusive Nike Dunk Lows at Pirri, such as the Nike Dunk Low SB Ben & Jerry Chunky Dunky and several super cool Off-White Dunks .