Sneakers onderhouden: de beste tips om je patta’s te verzorgen Pirri

Maintaining sneakers: the best tips to care for your pattas

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Everything you need to know to maintain, clean and care for your sneakers.

Whether you like to wear Yeezys, Jordans or Nike Air Max: every enthusiast wants to keep their sneakers beautiful for as long as possible. This is only possible with proper care. That is why we have put together the ultimate list for you with the best tips for maintaining your sneakers.


To keep your sneaker game on a level, we start with the basics: buy the right size. Sounds logical, but if you buy a patta too small, your toes will make the shape ugly. If you buy a patta too big, they will crease faster. Also something you don't want. Uncertain about the size? At Pirri we can always help you choose the right size. Come and try it on in the store in Rotterdam or Amsterdam and take the right patta home with you.


Always check the weather before you go out. Is there a heavy downpour coming up? Are you going to a festival? Leave those exclusive pattas at home. Especially if they are made of suede or light colors. Just don't, because you're going to regret it. Sure, you can always clean them again, but prevention is always better than cure.


To protect your thick pattas as well as possible against water and dirt, it is best to spray them with a dirt and water-repellent spray. This way your sneakers are less susceptible to stains and water damage and you can still rock your favorite pair without having to worry. Which spray is best? We got you! With the Spray by Pirri you are always prepared for any situation: it provides an invisible, water-repellent protective layer that not only prevents stains and dirt, but also makes cleaning easy. And it is also easy to use!

Pirri spray


Rotation is important. Don't wear the same pair every day, but alternate your sneakers. This way you give them some fresh air in between and they don't get smelly.


You can never prevent stains 100%, but make sure your cleaning kit is ready in all situations. Even if your sneakers have no stains, it is good to give them a good cleaning once in a while, then they will look as good as new. We have developed our own Care Package By Pirri especially for enthusiasts like you. Here you will find everything you need to clean your sneakers:

  • A cleaning agent (100ml), specially developed for cleaning sneakers.
  • A brush made of such fine hairs that no damage is caused to your sneaker when removing the dirt.
  • Microfiber cloth, this cloth is made of composite fibers of polyamide and polyester. Use lukewarm water to breathe new life into your shoes.

Pirri Care package


Honestly: we hate creases. Those creases in the nose of your sneakers are just not nice, because they immediately look a lot more worn than they might be. But as you are used to from Pirri, we also have a solution for this: the Shaper By Pirri. Forget all crease protectors, we do it differently. By making Shapers By Pirri from styrofoam, they are sturdy enough to postpone creasing as long as possible and they are not annoying in your patta.

Pirri Shaper


Don't overcook your sneakers by storing them incorrectly. Sun? Your greatest enemy from now on. And the heating or any other source of heat. Ok, not in your life, but when it comes to storing your sneakers. Your pairs cannot withstand (extreme) heat and sunlight, which causes them to discolor and dry out further. And we don't want that! What do we want? Level up! Store your sneakers properly

Levels by Pirri