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The Nike SB

The Nike SB was the answer to the fast growing skateboarding community. Twenty years ago, the popularity of skateboarding grew enormously. It was more than a single trick, event or moment; the culture of skateboarding extended beyond its origins. Nike saw a way to stimulate that development.

Nike SB's goals were clear, but not always easy. This was because it wasn't easy to get into the skateboarding community.

The beginning of the Nike SB Dunks

Nike SB was founded in 2002 and instead of making the best skateboarding shoes possible, SB and Sandy Bodecker looked closer to the skate culture itself. The shops, the places, the hard core community, the sessions, the collaborations, the collectors and the creatives who made it unique.

SB's mission began with a close-knit team of skateboarders and creatives, all driven by innovation, listening to skaters and out-of-the-box thinking. In skate culture, every idea was welcome and nothing was too crazy. For the first time, skateboarders were given the keys and tools to make their version of skateboarding. The result was a huge success and hundreds of products that became sought after, essential and iconic.

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