Nike Dunk High

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The Nike Dunk High basketball shoe

The Nike Dunk High was released in 1985 and was originally a high-top basketball shoe. Nike mainly wanted to promote this sneaker among universities in America and set great store by their marketing campaign "Be True To Your School".

The Dunk was conceptualized as a shoe that could be worn by college basketball teams and their fans. At the time, Nike had deals with several major universities in America. Each school received a pair of Nike Dunks with their team colors.

As soon as the Nike Dunk High was launched, it became extremely popular. The vibrant colors and the collaborations with the major universities made the Nike sneakers very popular. Unfortunately, this success did not last long. In the 90s, the Nike Dunk High could be found in thrift stores, flea markets and passed off as clothes that were no longer worn.

Dunk High!

But that too is a thing of the past - the Dunk High is back in full swing. A few years ago, Nike released a lot of new colorways and these sneakers are back in the game. Especially in the fashion world it does well: streetwear icons, influencers - everyone wears this shoe. And that is why it has become very popular among young people and adults.

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