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NAMELOOOZZ x Pirri tee

In March '22 artist NAAMLOOOZZ hosted the exhibition space in the Pirri store. NAAMLOOOZZ, or Kenneth Letsoin (1972), is an artist who mainly makes his work outside on the street. He does not follow established rules and likes to choose his own path. You can know him from his impressive murals and waste installations with a mainly abstract expressionist style. In Rotterdam you can also find his characteristic birds, which are spread all over the city. Kenneth's works are very impressive, raw, powerful and colorful. His works immediately stand out from the background, giving you a lively feeling when you walk down the street.

Besides the exhibition, Pirri and NAAMLOOOZZ made a tee together. Just like the street art of NAAMLOOOZZ, the print on the tee is also temporary. After every wash the print changes a bit, just like his street art.

NAMELOOOZZ x Pirri video

Click here to check out the promotional video of Pirri x NAAMLOOZZZ.

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